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5 Reasons to Visit Acapulco

5 Reasons to Visit Acapulco

Acapulco is the perfect destination for your next family vacation. This scenic beach town is situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast and offers some of the best beaches in the world, delicious cuisine, pristine golf courses, and upbeat nightlife.

If you’re looking for reasons to visit Acapulco, we have plenty! Here are the five top reasons this incredible location is worth checking out for your next family vacation.

Gorgeous Beaches

Acapulco is probably best known for its amazing beaches. Different beaches are more desirable for different activities. Such as:

  • Condesa Beach – a tourist-friendly beach perfect for water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and windsurfing
  • Pichilingue Beach – a peaceful, secluded beach if you want to escape the crowds to sunbathe and enjoy a good book
  • Caleta Beach – popular for families and located right in the center of town. The waters are calm and there is plenty of golden sand to build sandcastles
  • Icacos Beach – the longest beach in Acapulco that’s perfect for relaxing beach walks and swimming in the calm waters. It is also lined with shops, restaurants, and nightclubs

Prime Snorkeling

While in Acapulco, you’ll want to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful marine life in the area. We highly recommend booking a boating excursion out to La Roqueta Island to snorkel in the protected natural area.

The warm water is home to many tropical fish, coral, starfish, stingrays, sea turtles, and more. This outing is sure to be one of the biggest highlights of your Acapulco vacation. Enjoy the views on the boat ride over and be sure to bring an underwater camera to capture some of the marine life. These tours will almost always include snorkeling gear so no need to pack any extra!

Picture-Perfect Golf Courses

Bring the family for a fun round of golf during your Acapulco vacation. You’ll find four impressive 18-hole courses and a 9-hole course as well, providing something for every level player. Popular local courses are:

  • Club de Golf de Acapulco – 9 holes, opened in 1949
  • Princess Mundo Imperial Golf Course – 18 holes, designed by Ted Robinson Senior
  • Tres Vidas Golf Course – 18 hole premier international championship golf course
  • Turtle Dunes Country Club – 18 holes, hosted the World Cup of Golf in 1982
  • Vidanta Golf Acapulco – 18 holes, formerly known as Mayan Palace Golf Club

Delectiable Dining

Find both casual and fine dining throughout Acapulco with something for even the pickiest eater. You’ll find plenty of authentic Mexican cuisine, but there’s also lots of fresh seafood, Italian cuisine, Japanese food, and more. Food is one of the great reasons to visit Acapulco. We recommend you visit:

  • Tacos Tumbras – local favorite with Mexican street-food classics
  • Becco al Mare – Italian-inspired cuisine with farm-to-table dishes and views of Acapulco Bay
  • El Pesca’O – hole-in-the-wall restaurant with quirky decor and fresh seafood
  • Tony’s Bistro – upscale French eatery with views of the ocean
  • Cira La Morena – popular family restaurant with delicious authentic Mexican dishes

Vibrant Nightlife

If you’re able to spend the night out without the kids, you have to get a taste of Acapulco’s nightlife. Find dozens of clubs and bars with live music, DJs, and dancing with something for everyone. Acapulco’s Golden Zone is known for its stretch of dining, drinking, and entertainment venues. Some of the most popular spots to check out include:

  • Baby’O Acapulco
  • Believe Acapulco
  • Disco Beach
  • Hannah Sun Club
  • Bull Bar

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