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5 Top Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

5 Top Things to Do in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for its rich history, beautiful towns, delicious food, and indescribable natural beauty. It is the ultimate vacation destination for those looking to explore, adventure, and learn new things. Families, couples, and individuals will delight in a Dominican Republic getaway.

If you’re planning a Dominican Republic vacation, we can help! Here are the 5 top things to do in the Dominican Republic that you will want to be sure to make it onto your itinerary.

5. Visit the Basilica of Our Lady

Located in the Art Deco in Higuey, the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia is one of the most impeccable religious structures in the entire Caribbean. This stunning structure was completed in 1971 on Altagracia Day and has become one of the most important pilgrimages for Catholics in the Dominican Republic.

The Basilica of Our Lady was built on an older 16th-century basilica and was finished with gold, bronze, and stained glass windows. If you are wondering what to do in the Dominican Republic, seeing this structure in person can be found on every travel list!

4. Explore the Zona Colonial

It has been said that Santo Domingo is the first place Christopher Columbus set foot in the Americas. Santo Domingo is a beautiful modern city that features a stunning historic center known as Zona Colonial. This center features gorgeous examples of colonial-style architecture, plazas, museums, delightful restaurants, and more.

Zona Colonial also happens to be the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the Dominican Republic. When you’re walking around the area, be sure to visit the Alcazar de Colon, home of Columbus’ son Don Diego, and the Ozama Fortress, which once marked the entrance to the colonial city.

3. Go Whale Watching

Take a boat on the Samana Peninsula to see whales up close. Samana Bay is the final destination for one of the largest migrations of whales on the planet. This can be seen each year throughout January and early February.

If you are visiting the Dominican Republic during this time, you’ll have the chance to set sail on a day excursion to see splashing tail fins and mating rituals of the male humpback whales. There are also longer expeditions where you can get really close to these beautiful creatures along the shores of Puerto Plata.

2. Sail to Isla Saona

The small Isla Saona is truly a heavenly enclave located in the beautiful Caribbean waters. The island is encompassed by the East National Park, right off the southern edge of the Dominican Republic coast. This hardly developed area is absolutely breathtaking to behold, especially the unspoiled beaches.

Hop on a sailboat for a scenic cruise out to Isla Saona, it is one of those places that is even more beautiful in real life than in photos. When visiting, sunbathe on the beaches under the swaying palm trees and be sure to go snorkeling among the vibrant coral reefs.

1. Relax on Punta Cana’s Beautiful Beaches

A Dominican Republic vacation is not complete without some days in the sand and sun. Punta Cana is home to incredible beaches, with Bavaro Beach being the most popular. Bavaro Beach has crystal blue waters, white sands, and plenty of beach activities. While this is far from a tranquil beach, it is certainly a vibrant one with lots to do and see.

Bavaro Beach is great for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. Nearby, you can also find water parks, theme parks, restaurants, bars, and so much more.

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