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CFD’s Summer Recap: Our Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations of 2023

CFD’s Summer Recap: Our Favorite Summer Vacation Destinations of 2023

With another summer filled with happy customers and memorable vacations in the books, the Carefree Destinations team has begun to reflect on our favorite summer vacation packages. There are so many to choose from but here are our top 3 vacation destinations for the season and how you can spend your time at each:

1. Mexico

Mexico, with its vibrant traditions, mouthwatering cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes, is a treasure trove of unforgettable vacation experiences. From the sun-kissed beaches of Cancun to the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, this diverse country has something for everyone.

The East Coast of Mexico, specifically the Riviera Maya, is a tropical paradise that beckons beach lovers and adventure seekers alike. Stretching along the Caribbean Sea, this stunning coastline is known for its breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and an abundance of underwater wonders.

On the West Coast, Puerto Vallarta is blessed with picturesque beaches, with one of the most popular being Playa Los Muertos. Relax under a palapa, indulge in delicious fresh seafood, and enjoy the warm Pacific waters. For those seeking more seclusion, hop on a short boat ride to the tranquil oasis of Yelapa or the remote beach of Majahuitas, where you can snorkel amongst colorful tropical fish.

2. Myrtle Beach

If a quintessential beach vacation is what you’re after, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is the place to be. With its pristine sandy shores, thrilling water parks, and family-friendly attractions, it’s no wonder that Myrtle Beach is a favorite vacation spot for many.

Start your days lounging on the wide, sandy beaches, soaking up the warm Carolina sun. Take a leisurely stroll along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, filled with buzzing shops, lively bars, and delicious seafood restaurants. For a thrilling adventure, head to Broadway at the Beach, a sprawling entertainment complex offering amusement rides, mini-golf, live shows, and shopping galore.

Myrtle Beach has no shortage of water activities, so grab a paddleboard or kayak and explore the beautiful Intracoastal Waterway or take a thrilling jet ski ride along the coast. Wildlife enthusiasts can also visit the nearby Alligator Adventure, where you can see alligators, snakes, and other fascinating creatures up close.

3. New York City

No list of top vacation destinations would be complete without mentioning the vibrant and electrifying city that never sleeps: New York City. Bursting with life, iconic landmarks, and a melting pot of cultures, the Big Apple offers an unparalleled urban experience.

Start your New York City adventure in Times Square, where the dazzling neon lights and towering billboards will leave you in awe. Take a stroll through Central Park, a tranquil oasis in the heart of the bustling city, and visit famous attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Explore the diverse neighborhoods of New York City, each with its own distinct charm. Wander through the artistic streets of Greenwich Village, indulge in world-class cuisine in Little Italy, and browse the eclectic shops in trendy SoHo. For a memorable night out, catch a Broadway show in the Theater District or visit one of the city’s rooftop bars to enjoy breathtaking views of the skyline.

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