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Choosing a Hawaiian Island for Your Next Getaway

Choosing a Hawaiian Island for Your Next Getaway

Are you craving a warm weather getaway where the palm trees sway and the turquoise waters call your name? We can think of no better getaway than a vacation in the Hawaiian islands. But what is the best Hawaiian island for your vacation desires? Each island has its own unique offerings that cater to different types of travelers. While all are fabulous destinations in their own right, we want to help you with choosing a Hawaiian island that checks all your boxes.


If you seek a blend of stunning natural beauty and vibrant city life, Oahu is your island. Home to the state capital, Honolulu, Oahu offers a perfect blend of an eclectic city scene and island serenity. Explore the historic sites of Pearl Harbor, soak up the sun on the famed Waikiki Beach, and hike to the summit of Diamond Head for breathtaking panoramic views. Oahu is also well known and loved for its bustling nightlife, world-class dining, and diverse shopping scene opportunities.


For couples seeking a romantic escape with outdoor adventure mixed in, Maui is perfect for you. Known as the “Valley Isle,” Maui offers stunning beaches, sparkling waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs that set a beautiful and romantic scene. We recommend taking a drive along the Road to Hana to enjoy the scenery, going snorkeling at Molokini Crater, and taking in the majestic sunrises from the top of Haleakalā.


Nature lovers will delight in the unspoiled wilderness and gorgeous natural wonders on the island of Kauai. Known fondly as the “Garden Isle,” you can discover lush rainforests, rugged coastlines, and breathtaking sea cliffs. While there, you’ll want to hop on a boat or helicopter to explore Na Pali Coast, hike through the Waimea Canyon, and relax on tranquil, secluded beaches where you can take in nature at its finest. Kauai is the ultimate island destination for those who want a peaceful retreat to reconnect with nature.

Big Island

It isn’t called the Big Island for nothing; those who love the thrill of exploration will have endless adventures waiting for them here. Here, you can witness the spectacle of active volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, stargaze on the summit of Mauna Kea, and snorkel alongside the beautiful manta rays in the waters of Kealakekua Bay. The Big Island is host to diverse ecosystems such as rainforests and lava fields, making it a unique and exciting place to explore while immersing yourself in nature.


If you’re looking to really get away from it all, the small and secluded island of Molokai is the ideal getaway destination. Set away from the tourist crowds, Molokai is known as the “Friendly Isle” because of its inviting nature and opportunities to experience authentic Hawaiian culture while exploring untouched landscapes. Indulge in local cuisine and relax on tranquil beaches without a care in the world.

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