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What to Pack for a Trip to Mexico

What to Pack for a Trip to Mexico

Packing for a vacation to Mexico may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to what to pack for Mexico, you don’t want to forget anything important. You know what kind of clothes and toiletries you need, but what about the other items you might not think of?

We’ve compiled a Mexico packing list that ensures you’ll have everything you need for a great trip. Not only that, having these items packed will make it so you don’t have to spend any extra or unnecessary money while traveling and you can save that cash for nice dinners, rentals, attractions, souvenirs and more!

Traveling Items

Travel pillow – Flights to Mexico can be long! Packing a travel pillow will make it easier to stay comfortable and maybe even get some shut-eye on your way there.

Portable power bank – You can purchase inexpensive power banks that hold an extra charge for if your phone or other devices run out. These are key if your flight is delayed or if you just want to keep your phone charged for music or podcasts on the flight. Not to mention, you’ll also be happy to have this out and about in Mexico so you don’t need to rush back to the resort to charge your phone.

Mask – While they may not be required on your flight, it’s always wise to have one on your person just in case. You may also find certain establishments throughout Mexico may require you to wear one.

Items for Beach Day and Water Sports

Waterproof phone case – While swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, or any other activity, you may want to have your phone on you. Whether it’s for pictures or just to make sure you can stay in touch with your family, you want to make sure it’s protected. A waterproof case will keep it safe and dry. Some cases even float to ensure if it falls off, it won’t be lost at sea.

Dry/waterproof bag – Like the waterproof phonecase, you’ll want some sort of waterproof bag to take with you on your water adventures. Avoid ruining gear inside your bag when boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and even just spending a day at the beach.

Microfiber towel – These towels are quick drying and perfect for travel. They’re also lightweight so you can fit plenty in one bag. If you are spending a full day adventuring around Mexico, they are perfect to backpack with so you don’t have to worry about getting that musty smell in with your other belongings.

Reef-safe sunscreen – Packing sunscreen for a Mexico vacation may seem like a no-brainer, but making the extra effort to find a reef-save sunscreen is very worth it! Sunscreen keeps you from getting sun burnt and reduces your risk of skin cancer. Reef-safe sunscreen is also safe for pregnant women and children. The chemicals in regular sunscreens aren’t just dangerous for the coral reefs, but it can also affect algae, urchins, fish, shellfish, and even marine mammals. By packing reef-friendly sunscreen, you are helping to protect all ocena life.

Every Day Items Mexico Vacation Items

Filtration water bottle – Tap water is not safe to drink in Mexico, and constantly buying bottled water will get expensive quick. While these filtration bottles are certainly a small investment, they will filter out viruses and bacteria to ensure you can safely drink water from anywhere.

Umbrella – This simple but smart item is something you’ll be thankful you have on your Mexico vacation. We don’t mean a traditional long and sometimes bulky umbrella, you can find many compact ones that close down to easily fit in your backpack and suitcase. Not only will it offer you shade from the hot Mexican sun, but it will also ensure you stay dry. Mexico is known for its unexpected yet heavy rainfall, so this will ensure you travel prepared.

Backpack/daypack – If you’re an adventurous traveler, you’ll most likely be out walking around and exploring the beautiful country of Mexico quite a bit. Having a decent sized bag makes it easy for you to pack your food, water, sunscreen, towels, and changes of clothes for the day. For extra peace of mind, find one with slashproof fabric so you don’t have to worry about any pickpocketers.

Insect repellant – There are a lot of bugs in Mexico, especially in the coastal areas. Keep the insects at bay with bug spray. Packing your own will save you big time, because while it’s readily available in local markets, the price is usually marked up because they know tourists will have to buy it!

Sunhat or baseball hat – You’re sure to spend plenty of time under the sun, and a hat is important to pair with sunscreen to give your face a break from the sun’s strong rays.

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